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How to spend ‘Betwixmas’ in Chinatown London

Chinatown London: How to spend that limbo period between Christmas and New Year

‘Betwixmas’ – that limbo between Christmas and New Year – is the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing. But for those who can’t face any more turkey leftovers, Chinatown London is the perfect place to head for a change of scenery and cuisine, without dampening that celebratory spirit. It’s one of the few destinations in London where almost every door stays open throughout this period of flux, so it’s the perfect place to head for a day or night out. See below for some celebratory dishes to dine on that still have that festive spirit, but don’t need any bread sauce on the side.

1. Sichuan Homestyle Grilled Whole Seabass with Chilli Sauce at JinLi

Warming Sichuan spice make this a perfect dish to order on a cold December day. Whole fish – ‘Yu’ in Chinese – is popular at Chinese New Year because ‘yu’ sounds much like the word for ‘abundance’, so why not start the good luck a little early with this dish.

2. Braised Whole Abalone in Oyster Sauce at Orient London

Abalone (sea snail) often forms part of a Chinese banquet, particularly at weddings, since it’s a luxury delicacy and is eaten at times of celebration. Betwixmas makes the perfect excuse to order this special dish and try something very rarely found in London.

3. Chef’s Special Set Menu at Golden Phoenix

An absolute stalwart of Chinatown, Golden Phoenix is well-regarded for its dim sum and traditional Cantonese cuisine – and what better way to continue the festive spirit than to pick the Chef’s Special Set Menu and sit back as you’re treated to plate after plate of delights.

4. Special Roasted Duck Cantonese Style at Four Seasons

You can find roast duck all over Chinatown, but the Four Seasons’ is widely regarded as one of the very best, thanks its marinade in a secret recipe. Its succulent texture is the perfect antidote to dry turkey leftovers.

5. Hot Pot at Shu Xiangge

If it’s a large group you’re getting together, head to Shu Xiangge for an interactive food experience and some of the best hot pot in London. This iconic communal Mongol-Chinese dish is all about tradition, so it’s perfect for this time of year.

6. Taiwanese tea at XU

If you’re looking for the perfect location to cosy up and shelter from the cold, XU is it. With an extensive tea list (so you can detox from that inevitable red wine overload) and a back room where you can play a game or three of Mahjong, it’s the ideal place to while away a few hours.

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