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Street-style “dirty” ice cream arrives in Chinatown London

Mamasons ube bilog

Black coconut, ube-coloured ices and a signature sell-out. Come experience dessert heaven at Mamasons.


Newport Court is a dessert lovers dream, filled with matcha masters, colour-changing drinks and now: Filipino street-style “dirty” ice cream.

If you haven’t heard of Mamasons perhaps you’ve seen them. That’s because Mamasons’ dirty ice creams are one of Instagram’s biggest hits thanks to their instagrammable East Asian influences such as black coconut cones and ube ice cream.

Mamasons ube bilog

Here’s everything you need to know about the tasty new arrival.

What is Mamasons?

Mamasons was established by Florence Mae Maglanoc and Omar Shah and recreates the unique flavours of the Philippines where street vendors make small batches of daily fresh ice cream using a steel drum, ice and salt. If that sounds exciting, it’s because it is!

What can we expect?

The hugely instagrammable menu includes ice cream flavours for days, with tantilising flavours like black coconut and ube. Plus the big gun: the “Bilog”. Take a traditional Filipino milk bun, fill it with ice cream, before a quick toast and a dust of icing sugar and you’ve made this mouthwatering piece.

Then there’s the silky Taho, coffee that will make you not just survive but thrive and for winter: Ube Hot Cocoa. Blending the Mamasons signature flavour with Belgian white chocolate and fresh ube whipped cream.

Shall we meet you there?


Mamasons opens at 32 Newport Court, London WC2H 7PQ on Saturday 15th September with a launch party including free Mamasons merch for the first 30 customers.

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