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30th August 2016

Say hello to China’s ultimate comfort food


Is there such a thing as universal yumminess? Chinese Tomato and Egg Stir-fry is the dish that proves yes, there is.

Riddle me this:

I’m a favourite Chinese dish, made without meat or fish. / I don’t taste sweet, or of spice, I don’t need wheat or any rice. / No trace of exotic sauce, yet still a top main course, / Both colours that are me, you will in the Chinese flag see.

What am I? (Hint – I taste better than I rhyme.)

Gooey, eggy, tomatoey deliciousness, that’s what. Some food combinations are so classic, they pop up in every culture. Like scrambled egg and tomato. Not what immediately springs to mind when you think of Asian cuisine, this dish is one of the most loved in China. A childhood staple that becomes forever comfort food. Think instant ticket to happy place. And here’s how to make it…



Step 1

First off, wash the tomato and then blanch it in a pan. (This takes no more than a minute. Just wait until the skin wrinkles.) Then peel off the skin and slice the tomato.

Step 2

Now crack the egg into a mixing bowl, and add a pinch of salt. Stir the two together. If you want to be authentic, use chopsticks to do this.

Step 3

Put a glug of oil into a wok and heat it up. Once hot, quickly fry stir-fry your salty egg mixture. Then removed from the heat and the wok and put to one side.

Step 4

Now, using the remaining oil in the wok, stir-fry the tomato slices. And add salt and sugar, before frying some more. Now add the egg and mixture together in the wok.

Step 5

Now serve.

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