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Feng Shui Inn

6 Gerrard St, London W1D 5PG How to get here

Feng Shui Inn (Gerrard Street) | Cantonese, Dim Sum & Sichuanese

“If it’s paper thin and you can still see the filling,” explains Feng Shui Inn’s owner, Michael, “you can tell it’s quality.”

Feng Shui Inn’s dim sum is to die for. Their philosophy? The fineness of its rice-flour skin. Translucent yet firm, their gossamer-light skin lets the fabulous, neatly-stuffed fillings speak for themselves, without being overwhelmed by pastry overload. Try the mixed chive with prawn and you won’t be disappointed.

Feng shui is the ancient art of harmonising people with their surrounding environment and Gerrard Street’s Feng Shui Inn certainly serves balanced, harmonious food in spades.

Welcomed by a handsome Chinese carnival dragon who proudly guards the doorway, the family-run restaurant embodies the style of a traditional Chinese traveller inn, with its elegant plum walls and red paper lanterns, and the polished stone figurines keeping watch as you dine. The décor, of course, is in keeping with feng shui principles, with plants and ornaments being moved around each year to bring harmony and happiness to diners.

Take a walk on the fiery side with their new Sichuan menu – they cite it as a ‘hot and mouth-numbing experience’, but, don’t worry, you’ll still have functioning taste buds after.

Their hero dish? Mouth Watering Sichuan Chicken – golden-hued strips of tender chicken, intermingled with ruby-red fresh dried chilies, topped with a sprightly clump of green coriander. Hot, yet heavenly.

Feng Shui Inn puts an emphasis on quality of ingredients (your prawns will be sea-caught not captive), sourced locally from Asian supermarket SeeWoo. The depth of colour in their sauces is testament to that.

But it’s not the only thing that speaks for itself. Tasty dishes, top dim sum, and great energy, Feng Shui Inn ticks all the boxes.

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