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Good Friend Chicken - Fried Chicken

Good Friend

14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ How to get here

Good Friend (Little Newport Street) | Taiwanese

Fried chicken. It’s not a food that makes you think of Taiwan. But Good friend will make you think twice. Because it does fried chicken – really, really good fried chicken – just like the kind you’ll find on the streets in the night markets of Taiwan, known as the gluttony capital of Asia.

Throw out any notions of dry poultry that’s been sitting under a heat lamp longer than any of us care to remember. Because at Good Friend you’ll only get it fresh and fried-to-order, at two different temperatures to make it oh-so tender.

Such is their commitment to how this deep-fried meaty street food is made on home turf, they shipped their oven all the way from Taiwan.

The clever Taiwanese really know how to please, using home-grown secrets to prepare their killer concoction of street food. Their chicken breast is skillfully sliced as thin as a catwalk model, and their three different chicken options on their grab-and-go menu are masterfully marinated. Before being tossed in no less than three different flours to create its unforgettable crispness. Tip – Popcorn Chicken is a must.

But that’s not it. Because, once served hot in your hands, you then get to douse it with any one of – currently – seven powders. We recommend the plum, just in case you were wondering….

So, next time you’re near Chinatown and fancy a quick and cheap eat, that’s just a little bit naughty, give it a go.

You’ll never think of fried chicken in the same way again.

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