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Guo C 100

35 Newport Ct, London WC2H 7PQ, UK How to get here

Guo C 100 (Newport Ct) | Dessert Shop


Straight outta Hong Kong, Guo C 100 is one of China’s most beloved dessert brands. Guo C 100 Chinatown is their first European branch, bringing its signature fresh and fruity Asian puddings to sweet-toothed devotees.

You can’t miss it; a cornucopia of colourful, tropical fruit occupies the window in a dazzling display that would make Carmen Miranda proud. Inside, Guo C 100 is a chic, minimalist two-floor space with squishy banquettes to sink into with your chosen pud. And oh, what a selection to choose from!

There’s Korean shaved ice in all manner of hues and flavours. Each topped with fresh strawberry and mango. There’s Cantonese mango pancakes. If you’re feeling brave, Guo C 100 even serve puddings made from the infamous durian. A fruit known for its potent aroma yet intriguing taste. Why not taste Guo C 100’s durian ice cream dolloped on a traditional bubble waffle wrap with hearty servings of kiwi and dragon fruit?

For a quirky savoury snack, Guo C 100 have unctuous stews made with unusual ingredients.  From papya, snow funghi & fish maw to coconut, purple potato & millet, head here for an unexpected treat.

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