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Jen Café

4-8 Newport Pl, London WC2H 7JP How to get here

Jen Café (Newport Place) | Tea & Dumplings

You will know it by its vivid jade green hue. Walking along Newport Place, the eye-popping Jen Café is a bright green beacon of joy. Their specialty is tea – and lots of it.

From the florally sweet Chrysanthemum Honey to fruity Lemon Kumquat, most of their oriental teas can be served hot or cold to suit your mood – or temperature.

Of course, bubble tea of all colours, flavours and sweetnesses can be slurped at Jen Café. Depending on your palate preference, you can go sweet with something like their Iced Mango Pearl Delight, or savoury with Iced Peanut or Sesame Delight. All of which come with the obligatory tapioca balls to disappear up your straw.

Food-wise, you’ve got to taste their succulent spicy-pork-and-vegetable-filled Beijing Dumplings, which – should you pass by in the day – can be seen being lovingly crafted in the window. Perfectly pinched parcels of perfection.

Outside of this, there’s enough variety on their menu to give many of Chinatown’s restaurants a run for their money. Their barbecue options are especially plentiful. Get your teeth stuck into sticky Honey BBQ Pork or Soya Sauce Octopus, for instance.

If you’re after a Brit fix, Jen Café also offer comforting English favourites like Horlicks, Ovaltine, cheese on toast, and scrambled eggs and ham.

There’s no excuse not to find it, just look for Jen’s vibrant jade exterior – and make passers-by green with envy at your delicious dumplings.

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