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lido chinatown front door

Lido Chinese Restaurant

41 Gerrard St, London W1D 5QF How to get here

Lido Chinese Restaurant (Gerrard Street) | Cantonese

One of London’s first ever Chinese restaurants, let alone Chinatown’s, Lido has been feeding Capital-dwellers quality Cantonese cuisine since 1969.

Like any Cantonese restaurant worth its salt, Lido is best known for its various authentic dim sum, like Custard Buns with a rich and creamy flavour, fresh and tender Chicken Claws with Black Bean Sauce, sparkling Har Kau (prawn) Dumplings, and Chicken and Glutinous Rice Rolls in Lotus Leaves.

For those that fancy a taste of everything, Lido has a super-wide variety of set menus of various proportions, presenting menu highlights like Sizzling Chicken with Chilli and Black Bean Sauce and Fried Spicy Prawns with Cashew Nuts.

If you’re something of an oenophile (read: wine fan), Lido has a vast selection of tipples from all over the globe, like France, Australia, Italy, Germany and even China. Bottoms up!

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