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Little Wooden Hut

25 Lisle Street, London WC2H 7BA How to get here

Little Wooden Hut (Lisle Street) | Pan-Chinese

If the only experience you have of Chinese food is Sweet and Sour Chicken or Crispy Duck, a visit to emerging restaurants, like Lisle Street’s Little Wooden Hut, may soon change your culinary view of the world.

Perusing their menu, you can find dishes from all across China, simple but preserving their unique, regional flavours. Like Sautéed Beef Ribs with a rich meaty aroma, thanks to a long cooking time turning the beef soft, juicy and so very tasty.

Another dish rarely seen in the UK is Chongqing Noodles, a popular street food in the city of Chongqing. It uses basic ingredients, but the spicy taste relies on the chef’s ability to expertly harmonise the sauce. Little Wooden Hut may just use plain noodles and sliced pickles, but the soup base with bright red chilli oil perfectly combines the oily consistency with the aggressive taste of fresh Chinese prickly ash (Sichuan pepper), giving your mouth an unexpected taste sensation.

The Wooden Hut may be Little but it’s sure big on flavour and authentic provincial dishes.

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