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Mitsuryu I Chinatown London

9 Newport Pl, London WC2H 7JR, UK How to get here

Mitsuryu (Newport Place) | Japanese

Entering Mitsuryu is like stepping into a traditional Japanese Minka house. With a minimalist pine interior, square-lattice pattern walls, and low-rise tables with beanbags, it’s a serene spot to enjoy a side order of zen with your food.

Such an authentic ambience requires an equally authentic dining experience and Mitsuryu delivers this with Far Eastern finesse. The menu here is underpinned by the Teishoku dining philosophy. Teishoku is a Japanese set meal where all of the dishes in the course are served together as a set, based on the ichiju-issao (‘one soup, one side’) meals served at temples.

At Mitsuryu you’ll find neatly-prepared Unagi and Uramaki Rolls housing sumptuous slivers of salmon, avocado and tuna. There’s sticky-sweet Salmon Teriyaki and rich Chicken Katsu Curry. Mitsuryu’s cook-it-yourself Beef Shabu Shabu is something to behold – a hot-pot style cauldron of broth and vegetables with wafer-thin slices of beef to dunk in and cook at your table.

Master of Mitsuryu is Head Chef Kenny Wan. With 25 years’ fine-tuning his sushi and Teppanyaki expertise in Japan, he transports the magic of the country’s flavours and culinary techniques to Chinatown.


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