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New Loon Fung Restaurant

42-43 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5QG How to get here

New Loon Fung Restaurant (Gerrard Street) | Cantonese & Dim Sum

Through the door, under a circular pagoda canopy, you’re greeted by a splendid twinkling chandelier and a carpeted staircase leading to a grandiose banqueting hall. New Loon Fung (‘New Dragon Phoenix’) is one of the biggest restaurants in Chinatown and sits next door to its ‘brother’ Loon Fung Supermarket.

Ascending the staircase to the first floor takes you to a true hidden wonderland, overlooking bustling Gerrard Street. The spacious and bright dining hall can accommodate hundreds of ravenous diners, making it an ideal place for large functions and gatherings.

Although New Loon Fung Restaurant is recognised for its Cantonese food and seafood, their vast menu of over 100 dishes spans plenty of Chinese cuisines, be it Sichuanese, Cantonese, Shandongese or Hunanese. From spicy Ma Po Tofu, to exquisite Cantonese style dim sum, or melting braised pork belly, to smooth-sliced abalone with Chinese mushrooms, they’ve got them all.

Awarded a TripAdvisor Restaurant of Excellence Gong in 2014, New Loon Fung comes with a trustworthy pedigree so you can be sure you’re dining in safe hands.

Follow the chandelier and head up the stairway to culinary heaven.

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