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Pochawa Grill

29 Wardour St, London W1D 6PS, UK How to get here

Pochawa Grill – Korean BBQ

Looking for a taste of authentic Korean BBQ? Step inside Pochawa Grill, this new spot is turning heads in Chinatown.

Enter this diner and you’re immediately transported to the traditional street food vendors in Korea combined with the atmosphere of signature Korean pubs. Choose from a small selection of circular tables, each complete with a gas grill in the centre. Funky retro neon lights line the walls around you, as music flows from up above and creates a vibe that is unlike any other in Chinatown. 

Fire up the grill and choose a selection of BBQ meats from the menu. Carefully grill these until perfection and enjoy alongside a selection of sides and sauces on offer. Dining at Pochwa provides a fun-interactive yet relaxed dining experience, with a plethora of sharing dishes including Rabokki, Tofu Kimchi and Dosirak.  Crispy Kimchi Pancakes are a must when visiting and make sure to wash it all down with traditional Korean beverages like Soju.

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