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Super Star Chinese Restaurant

17 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BE How to get here

Super Star Chinese Restaurant (Lisle Street) | Cantonese & Sichuanese

Few of Chinatown’s restaurants serve dim sum beyond 5pm, however Super Star Chinese Restaurant serves theirs all day, so you can sample a delectable, bouncy Crystal Prawn Dumpling in the evening.

Showcasing both Cantonese and Sichuanese food, Super Star has something for everyone. All prepared daily by their team of 7 top Chinese chefs, two of whom focus purely on that aforementioned dim sum.

Expect to find favourites like XO Seafood Fried Rice, Ma-po Tofu, Gong Bao Szechuan Chicken, freshly Baked Lobster with Mushroom & Black Pepper, and giant Mongolian King Prawns.

Easily located near the corner of Leicester Place and Lisle Street, Super Star is a particularly popular Chinatown staple that gets pretty busy, so be sure to get your foot in the door and book early.

Friendly and attentive, Super Star’s service is second to none. You could say it makes you feel like a superstar.

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