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Tokyo Diner

2 Little Newport Street, London WC2H 7JJ How to get here

Tokyo Diner (Newport Place) | Japanese

The ever-bustling Japanese eatery has been serving up crisp katsu, piping hot bowls of donburi, and teriyaki bento boxes – among a whole host of other favourites, like sushi and sashimi – for over 20 years. Inspired by his love for Japanese culture and food, owner Richard Hills transformed what was a launderette beneath his Soho flat into Tokyo Diner in 1992.

Their authentic experience is immersive, employing only Japanese chefs and embracing its heritage through charming cuisine and true-to-Japan exceptional service. As such, it has a first-class reputation and is a beloved spot for Japanese cuisine fiends.

Sustainable sourcing of ingredients is important to Tokyo Diner, which is why it doesn’t serve tuna and runs on 100% renewable energy. And, interestingly, nor does it accept tips – all money left on tables is donated to the homeless.

A diner with real heart. Come again – and bring your friends.

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