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Yamagoya Soho, 64 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6LU, UK How to get here

Yamagoya | Japanese Ramen 


Originating from Fukuoka, Japan, these masters of traditional Japanese ramen can be found just off Wardour Street. They’re led by founder Masatoshi Ogata, who has created new dishes especially for this location, including a Roast Beef ramen topped with slices of rare locally sourced roast beef, leek, and spring onion.

The menu also includes the titular ‘Yamagoya’ – handmade noodles immersed in a rich tonkotsu broth, garnished with Japanese chashu pork belly, marinated bamboo shoot, Kikurage mushroom and nori. And vegans are well-catered for here: try the Kakiage Curry Rice with fried vegetables, pickled greens, a house special curry and Japanese rice.

With the option to sit in, or order at the counter to grab and go, Yamagoya is the perfect spot even if you’re in a hurry – perfect for when you’re popping out for lunch at work.

But if you have got a bit of time, it’s well worth ordering from the dessert menu, which features Yamagoya’s famous raindrop cake. Made in the shape of a water droplet, the completely clear sweet is a challenge to the senses. Inspired by the cult Japanese dish mizu shingen mochi, it’s made from special agar powder (which can only be found in Japan), and melts into a liquid once in the mouth.

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