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Omega Travel

2 Gerrard Place, London W1D 5PB How to get here

Omega Travel (Gerrard Place) | Travel Agency

Since it was founded in 1996, Chinese travel agency Omega Travel has spanned across the globe, providing flight and hotel booking services, as well as tour planning and operation, for over 1 million customers around the world annually.

From UK sightseeing day trips to Far Eastern flights and full-on European and international tours, Gerrard Place’s Omega Travel has it covered for London’s Chinese community. For high-rolling holiday makers, Omega Travel also offers luxury cruises and bespoke VIP tour packages with visa services.

Asides from having several other branches in the UK, Omega Travel also owns a number of British hotels, as well as some throughout Europe, which enables it to provide the best deals for its local and international clients. They also own Sagitta Travel Agency on Gerrard Place. All the better to give you more deals with, my dear.


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