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Baijiu Cocktail Week Returns For 2017!

Be adventurous this Chinese New Year and slurp on a delicious baijiu cocktail at Baijiu Cocktail Week

If you’re doing Dry January, look away now. For the rest of us liquor-lovers, read on. To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, the annual Baijiu Cocktail Week returns to the UK this Chinese New Year. Kicking off on Friday 27th January – the day before Chinese New Year – Baijiu Cocktail Week will run until Sunday 12th February at partnering bars including the awesome Opium in Chinatown. Here you’ll be able to sip bespoke Asian-inspired cocktails starring the premium Moutai baijiu. Its aromatic, sweet, citrus notes and ripe plum aromas make it the perfect cocktail bedfellow.

chinatown london-cocktail bar

If you’ve not had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with it, baijiu is the iconic Chinese spirit, distilled using ancient techniques and fermented grains. Literally translating as ‘white alcohol,’ its status across China is legendary and the 2000-year-old drink is the go-to tipple to honour celebrations and strengthen relationships. In fact, soldiers would celebrate their battle victories with a hearty slug of baijiu.

Now stocked at SeeWoo on Lisle Street and Selfridges, baijiu is slowly but surely conquering Western taste buds, one shot at a time.

chinatown london-cocktail bar

Baijiu Cocktail Week 2017, Friday 27th January – until Sunday 12th February, at various participating bars across London and the UK.

Please visit for a full list of participating venues.


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