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Hello baijiu: Raise a Chinese New Year toast

London’s new alcoholic trend, Chinese baijiu

Gin is so 2016! Come and spend an evening learning about the world’s most consumed spirit and the next drinking trend for London, baijiu, presented by China Exchange.

In a lively evening, you’ll learn to taste the differences in baijiu aromas while hearing about the methods and history of its production and the social context in which it’s enjoyed. You will also learn more about how to incorporate this strong distilled alcohol into your drinks cabinet with blending and cocktail ideas.

If you’re a booze buff, or looking for something fun to do to brighten up January, this is the evening for you.

Bring friends and make new ones as we learn to “Ganbei” in style with tastings and mixed drinks. The evening, a repeat of a sold-out event in 2016, will include plenty of time to ask questions and share your thoughts in this spirited session.

In partnership with FU bar Liverpool and part of Baijiu Cocktail Week.

For learn more about China Exchange’s Chinese New Year programme of events, click here.

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