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MOON FEST UK comes to Chinatown London this Sunday

MOON FEST UK is returning to Chinatown for a giant lunar party! Here’s what you can expect.

You’ve joined a dragon dance snaking its way through Chinatown London’s streets at Chinese New Year, but have you ever partied at MOON FEST UK? In celebration of the ancient annual Chinese ritual that is Mid-Autumn Festival, MOON FEST UK brings all the fun and tradition of the lunar-worshipping event to the streets of Chinatown.

MOON FEST UK’s main action will take place on the main stage by Gerrard Street’s Chinese Gate. After a show-stopping opening ceremony with lion dances, expect a riot of colour and sound with marital arts displays, live Chinese music and games galore.

A perfect event for the whole family, there’s plenty of activities to keep kids entertained like face painting, lantern-making and storytelling sessions about the legends of the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as a drawing and card making workshop so parents can write their wishes to the Moon Goddess on.

The streets themselves will be alive with spontaneous performances and dances and of course, bedecked in pretty Chinese lanterns. No Chinatown festival would be complete without a hearty helping of great food and drink! Pick from street food stalls selling mooncakes and dumplings or pop into the local restaurants, many of whom are creating bespoke MOON FEST UK menus.

Make MOON FEST UK a must-visit this Sunday 8th October!

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