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New Loon Fung Restaurant

Big in size with a big menu to match, Chinatown’s New Loon Fung is an elegant spot, perfect for banqueting.

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Golden Phoenix

Dine like an emperor, on dim sum and fantastic Cantonese cuisine, at the majestic Golden Phoenix.

Joy King Lau

All your favourite Cantonese dishes, and then some, are served with love at Chinatown’s Joy King Lau.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee

All the traditional tastes of Taiwan come alive at Rupert Street’s Old Tree Daiwan Bee.

Leong’s Legend

Authentic Taiwanese street food in a cosy setting, Leong’s Legend is bringing the outside in. It’s time to pull up a chair.

Dumplings’ Legend

Dumplings’ Legend has done for soup dumplings what Pelé did for football, making this Chinatown restaurant a must-visit.

Beijing Dumpling

Dumplings are the taste of China and, at Beijing Dumpling, good things do come in small packages.

Beijing Dumpling厨房