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24 Wardour Street, London W1D 6QJ, UK How to get here

Bubblewrap (Wardour Street) | Dessert Shop 


Once you pop, you can’t stop – and visitors will certainly be converted after one visit to Bubblewrap on Wardour Street. The deliciously decadent dessert shop have brought one of Hong Kong’s most popular street snacks – egg-shaped waffles – to Chinatown and piled them high with lashings of tasty toppings.


The small but sweet (literally) shop is a veritable Willy Wonka factory of waffles. Customers start by picking their waffle base – plain, chocolate or matcha – then choose from a lip-licking selection of fillings like strawberry cheesecake or pistachio gelato, white chocolate stars, banana and strawberry. Everything is then topped off with an ooey-gooey sauce such as salted caramel or red bean. The final result is a wrapped-up waffle-y cone stuffed with heavenly flavours. And they look beyond cool.

The bubble waffle is unlike traditional western square flat ones, instead it’s hexagonal shaped and covered in spherical pockets of batter. Their unique shape adds extra bite and texture. The egg waffle actually dates back to the 1950s when canny market traders created the ovular-shaped waffle machine to use up all their broken eggs. Fast-forward to today and it’s become one of the most Insta-worthy snacks around.

Bubblewrap comes with a heartwarming back-story too. The concept started off as an Imperial College Business School Innovation project and after many site rejections and years trading on weekend markets, the owners Tony and Sunny finally secured their permanent home in Chinatown and won second place. Where there’s a will, there’s a bubble way.

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