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Chinatown Bakery

7 Newport Pl, London WC2H 7JR How to get here

Chinatown Bakery (Newport Place) | Chinese Bakery

Pride of place in Chinatown Bakery’s window is their Taiyaki machine, pumping out its infamous soft fish-shaped waffles filled with gooey custard paste. It’s best to resist the urge to become hypnotised, and step inside to have a taste of these cute Japanese street food staples.

Taiyaki aside, Chinatown Bakery create a treasure trove of tantalising sweet and savoury baked goods.

For savoury, think knotted Black Sesame Rolls, bouncy BBQ Pork Buns and flaky Spring Onion Chicken Floss Rolls. The sweet-of-tooth will go nuts for their squishy round Custard Buns with a cute heart motif on top or bright green swirly Pandan Swiss Rolls. Botanical bit – its colour and vanilla-pine flavour comes from the tropical pandanus amaryllifolius plant native to Southeast Asia.

Chinatown Bakery also sell prettily decorated birthday cakes and fun animal-topped kids cakes.

The only problem you’ll have at Chinatown Bakery is deciding what to have now and what to leave until next time.

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