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23 Newport Ct, London WC2H 7JS How to get here

Cuppacha (Newport Court) | Taiwanese Bubble Tea

There’s no denying Brits have been well and truly conquered by bubble tea. We’ve fallen hard for it. The sweet and silky taste, with chewy tapioca balls, makes it an awesome drink for hot summer days.

Newport Court’s Cuppacha serves slurpingly authentic Taiwanese bubble tea. Apart from traditional tea made with a black tea base, one of Cuppacha‘s house blends is their Matcha Red Bean Bubble Tea. Matcha and red beans are widely used in Asian cuisines. A refreshing matcha base with melt-in-the-mouth red adzuki beans takes taste buds on an Asian journey.

All Cuppacha’s drinks are fully customisable – from your funky topping right down to your sugar and ice levels, so you’ll always get a bespoke experience.

Cuppacha only freshly brew their bubble tea with the finest Taiwanese tea leaves. Tea-rrific!

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