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TSUJIRI Matcha House, Newport Court, London, UK How to get here

TSUJIRI (Newport Court)| Dessert Shop


The ancient art of Japanese matcha tea ceremony gets a 21st century remix at TSUJIRI. The heritage tea house has a 155 year-old legacy in Japan and their Newport Court outpost serves up ceremonial grade healthy matcha and sencha teas alongside seriously Insta-worthy matcha sundaes piled high with tasty toppings.

Pop into the sleek, minimalist Newport Court parlour and pick from a naughty-but-nice array of desserts, made from their fine teas. There’s vibrant green Mr Whippy-style matcha ice cream sprinkled with puffed rice and topped with a dollop of red bean paste and a TSUJIRI wafer. There’s gigantic slabs of fluffy matcha cake. For the ultimate sweet treat opt for TSUJIRI’s shaved ice desserts. A towering serving of flaky matcha-infused ice with a mocha and red bean surprise.

If you like keeping it simple, get your antioxidant fix with their O-Matcha, a plain, high-grade matcha tea from Uji in Kyoto. For a refreshing summer cooler, there’s tasty yuzu, red bean or matcha ice blend slushies. For winter warmers, slurp a matcha latte.

It really is matcha madness at TSUJIRI. A tea house with a pedigree but thoroughly modern outlook. Their colourful confections are truly what Instagram was made for.


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