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A guide to Chinatown London’s supermarkets

Your one-stop shop for Shaoxing rice wine, winter melon and aquarium-fresh fish, these Chinatown London supermarkets stock it all!

Chinatown London isn’t just home to Asian eateries galore, if you fancy a spot of DIY Chinese at home, its many supermarkets are home to some seriously inspirational ingredients. So, make some space in your kitchen cupboards pronto and take a Chinatown detour on your next shopping trip to one of these awesome supermarkets.


The original and some may argue, best. SeeWoo is the supermarket that has been there since 1975 when Chinatown was still in its relative infancy. Opened by Stanley Tse with his brothers, SeeWoo has been instrumental in introducing indigenous Chinese ingredients to London. Today it’s home to a cornucopia of Asian delights – from snacks and tea types to exotic fruit and veg. For the freshest of seafood, look no further than SeeWoo’s impressive aquaria where you’ll find live crabs, eels, lobsters and fish galore.

Loon Fung Supermarket

Whether you’re preparing a fancy Far Eastern feast or want a simple snack, you’ll find everything you need at Loon Fung Supermarket. All your Chinese cooking staples like Shaoxing rice wine, wood ear mushroom and fiery Sichuanese peppercorns are here as well as plenty of fresh produce courtesy of their in-house butcher and fishmonger.

New Loon Moon Supermarket


What New Loon Moon don’t know about Far Eastern food isn’t worth knowing. This cavernous, three-storey emporium is a veritable temple too all manner of pan-Asian delights. It’s home to over 4,000 types of product from China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and beyond. Regular picking trips across Asia mean they’re always on top of what their consumers want whether it’s the polarising durian fruit, weird and wonderful condiments like doubanjiang (a chili bean paste) or signature staples like instant noodles.

Lucky Foods, 14 Gerrard Street

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, make a beeline for Lucky Foods. You won’t find fruit or veg here but this tightly-packed store has row upon row of colourful imported sweet treats from China and Asia. Think; chocolate filled Hello Panda biscuits, mocha rice balls and everyone’s favourite – Pocky biscuit sticks. If you venture downstairs it’s an instant noodle paradise, you’ll discover seemingly endless varieties and types along with other kitchen items and essentials.


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