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Hong Ning Clinic

15 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ How to get here

Hong Ning Clinic (Little Newport Street) | Chinese Medicine Clinic

In the 1980s Newport Street’s Hong Ning clinic was instrumental in jump-starting the fascination with Chinese herbal medicine. Dr Dinghui Luo’s skin disorder treatments were so in demand that people queued out the door to be seen.

A dermatologist from Guangzhou, Dr Luo (Hong Ning’s founder) was a pioneer in treating complaints like eczema and other skin conditions.

Today, Hong Ning offer popular alternative and complimentary treatments like massage, acupuncture and cupping therapy – an ancient healing technique where cups create suction on the skin, aimed at mobilising the blood flow to promote skin health, relaxation and improved digestion.

Whether you’re seeking healing or simply some zen-like chill-out time, Hong Ning could well be the tonic you’re looking for.

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