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High Yaki

High Yaki, 10 Newport Pl, London WC2H 7PR, UK How to get here

High Yaki – Japanese BBQ

High Yaki has arrived in Chinatown London, specialising in yakitori, yakiniku, and dry-aged wagyu. This all-new Japanese BBQ spot gives traditional Japanese cuisine a Western twist to create a dynamic, new dining experience. 

Choose from a menu of ready-to-grill meats and seafood like their 10-piece sashimi omakase or a ‘staircase’ of ready to BBQ chef chosen meats.  

 When visiting, the Foie Gras with truffle, caviar and gold leaf taco is a must-try and is perfectly paired with authentic Japanese Sake. If you like the heat, try their Donburi with shrimp, tempura and a spicy mayonnaise rice.

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