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Kung Fu Noodle – Hand-Pulled Noodles

64 Shaftesbury Ave, London, UK How to get here

Kung Fu Noodle

Chinatowns first ever restaurant with an open noodle kitchen.

The main star of the show at Kung Fu Noodle has to be the grand open kitchen, showcasing the true noodle masters at work; hand crafting and curating each individual noodle by hand whilst you dine across 2 floors of intimate dining space.

Serving up traditional hearty favourites, Kung Fu Noodle specialises in dishes from China’s Gansu province in the North West of the country. The menu boasts numerous hot, cold and soup noodle dishes.

An all-star favourite is the Lanzhou beef noodle soup – hand stretched noodles (of course) swimming in a clear meaty broth, topped with succulent sliced beef, crunchy radish and topped with a drizzle of chilli oil. 

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