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Orient London

15 Wardour St, London W1D 6PH How to get here

Orient London (Wardour Street) | Cantonese Seafood

Tradition, tradition, tradition.

It’s a word that means everything to Orient London. Owned by one of the oldest families in Chinatown, the Yeungs stake their name by sticking to their roots.

This is a restaurant you can go to safe in the knowledge that the way food is prepared and presented is true to how you would find it back in Guangdong. The way people from Guangdong have been eating it for hundreds of years.

But Orient London’s interior is not something you might expect, if it were done the traditional way. The clean lines and a minimalist approach create a space that’s light, open and un-complex.

Although there’s a welcomed choice of Cantonese dishes, it’s their seafood that they’re really known for. Whether that’s the delicate flavour of their Braised Whole Abalone (sea snail), the sizzling pop of their Squid with Ginger and Spring Onion, or their mouth-watering signature Fresh Lobster.

All prepared on the day by their two Hong Kong chefs, who arrive at 4.30am to ready the delights of Guangdong for their many hungry customers.

It’s the way they’ve always done things. And they do it well.

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