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Zhang Liang Malatang

112a Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EJ, UK How to get here

Zhang Liang Malatang

Located on Shaftesbury Avenue, Zhang Liang Malatang’s hero dish is Malatang, a spicy soup originating from the Sichuan province, which is now a popular street food throughout China.

Choose from dozens of fresh ingredients, including meats, seafood, vegetables, and herbs on display, and customise your bowl before taking it to the counter to be cooked with a soup of your choice. Add your final touch from the condiments section – even the dipping sauce is customisable.

The name “malatang” derives from “mala” (spicy and numbing taste) and “tang” (water/soup boiled). The meaning of malatang is simple: grab whatever you like, put it into a bowl, boil every ingredient you love in a flavourful broth, and enjoy.

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