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Lo’s Noodle Factory

6 Dansey Pl, London W1D 6EZ How to get here

Lo’s Noodle Factory (Dansey Place) | Noodle factory

Hidden along a narrow alley, Lo’s Noodle Factory is the real deal when it comes to lovingly-crafted authentic Chinese fare. Out of their tiny two-floor operation, with a bakery upstairs and noodle production line downstairs, comes greatness.

The owner Wai’s great uncle (then a restaurateur) opened Lo’s in 1978, essentially to out-do his own noodle supplier who was charging him too much. The rest is history and now Lo’s supply their Ho Fun and Cheung Fun Noodles to 95% of Chinatown’s restaurants – as well as to the Michelin-starred Hakkasan.

Lo’s Ho Fun (silky soft rice noodles) is special. Thanks to a perfect balance of water, rice and potato starch, it stays softer for longer, with supreme elasticity and doesn’t break when cooked. Which is why it’s so in demand, with Lo’s producing 2.5 miles of Ho Fun every day.

What many don’t know is that Lo’s Noodle Factory is open to the public, too, selling packs of their outrageously good value, daily-made delicious dim sum.

Got a sweet tooth? Try their baked treats like Malaysian Steamed Sponge Cake, Red Bean Paste and Custard Buns. Another fun fact – Lo’s sell 600 buns a day. Popularity is clearly a running theme here.

Lo’s isn’t a shop, but if you just peek your head round the factory front door and say hello, they’ll be more than happy to help.

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