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Lucky Foods

14 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PT How to get here

Lucky Foods (Gerrard Street) | Asian Supermarket

Sweet tooth? Pay a visit to Lucky Foods on the corner of Gerrard Street and Macclesfield Street. The cheery lime green store is a veritable, sugary Shangri-La, stuffed floor to ceiling with all manner of exciting Far Eastern confectionary and treats.

Discover an abundance of unusual imported items, like crisp Phoenix Egg Rolls and salty Malaysian Codfish Snacks. And then there’s everyone’s favourite chocolate-centred bear – Hello Panda biscuits. Bestsellers include the globally popular Japanese chocolate covered Pocky Sticks and squidgy mochi rice balls.

Luck Foods stock seasonal items too. Mooncake Festival is celebrated across the Far East around September-October and it’s here you can find tins of round Chinese mooncake pastries at this time. And things like Nian gao, a rice-based New Year pudding, is stocked at Chinese New Year.

No visit to Lucky Foods would be complete without a peek downstairs where you’ll find the biggest stash of pan-Asian instant noodles you’ve ever seen. From Korean Rabokki to Penang Spicy Prawn and Japanese Demae Ramen, their options and varieties are endless.

There’s also a plethora of unique savoury everyday foodstuffs and accoutrements, like dainty ceramic teaware and sushi making essentials.

They even sell an awesome selection of beers, including Tsingtao, Asahi, Kirin and cool soft drinks like asparagus juice and Korean Morning Rice drink.

Sweet or savoury, you’re guaranteed to find something new and fanciful at Lucky Foods.

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