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21-24 Newport Ct, London WC2H 7JS How to get here

P2bus (Newport Court) | Asian Supermarket

Independent cosmetic and beauty store P2Bus (‘proud to be us’) was founded in 2009, aiming to serve young Asian newcomers to London whose skin developed problems due to climate and atmospheric changes.

As the name suggests, its philosophy is to empower customers by importing a lovingly-curated selection of over 300 quality Asian skincare, make-up, hair and oral care brands.

The shop itself has a kitsch ‘n’ kooky aesthetic which will charm the pants off any customer, Western or Eastern, featuring quirky illustrations and doodles from up-and-coming young designers.

Since opening, p2bus has garnered something of a cult following across the UK and beyond, with a successful online offshoot retailing to all across the globe.

From Keith Hang condoms to hair dye all colours of the rainbow, pop in to discover exciting, off-kilter brands that utilise pioneering Asian beauty technology, as well as unusual health snacks, cosmetics and fragrances.

And their skilled staff are always on hand to offer skincare consultations so don’t be shy in unearthing your newest beauty essential.


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