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The best restaurants for kids in Chinatown

Your guide to navigating Chinatown’s restaurants with a discerning youngster in tow.

To say Chinatown London is kid-friendly is an understatement. There’s endless eateries that will challenge, satisfy and stimulate their appetite in equal measures. Even the fussiest of eaters will leave happy. For every kind of kid in your life, we’ve compiled the best restaurants for children in Chinatown.


For future Sinologists – New China Restaurant

Sinology is the study of all things Chinese and if there’s one place where kids can get a taste of the country’s many regional cuisines it’s at New China. From ever-popular Cantonese classics, Beijing dishes like noodles with soy bean paste to fried pork slices with sweet and sour sauce from the northeast – they can literally eat their way round China.


For kids with a sweet tooth – Bubblewrap

OK so every child is partial to sugary treats, but Bubblewrap is Chinatown’s must-visit destination for outrageously good confections. Within a Hong-Kong style waffle wrap hides soft matcha or chocolate ice cream, layers of sticky sauce, crushed Oreo and fresh fruit.  In fact, Bubblewrap is so good, they’ll be begging you to return each week.


For budding adventurers – JinLi

Sure, children can be fussy eaters but if they’ve got a brave and intrepid palette then JinLi will be right up their street. Specialising in hot, flavoursome Sichuan cuisine, JinLi is home to umami-fied dishes like fish fillets in spicy chili oil. Expand their horizons with the unusual agrocybe aegerita – a rare Chinese mushroom, griddle-cooked to perfection.


For wannabe chefs – Dumplings Legend

Junior masterchefs will delight in seeing Dumplings Legend chefs working their magic, expertly hand-making all manner of delicious dumplings behind an impressive glass walled kitchen. Yes, it is possible to dine with a side order of theatre and witness the chef’s incredible techniques and deftness of touch.When it comes to dumplings, variety is key and Dumplings Legend is the home of 47 different variations of the beloved dim sum. So you will be sure to find the perfect filling that’s just right for you.

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