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Wing Wing

47-49 Charing Cross Road, London, UK How to get here

Wing Wing | Korean Fried Chicken


Inspired by South Korea’s popular fried chicken and beer ‘Chimaek’ pairing, Wing Wing specialises in the elite combination of ultra-crispy chicken wings, finger lickin’ sides and ice cold beer to match.

Typical of Korean fried chicken, Wing Wing double-fry their top-quality, fresh chicken wings, drumsticks and boneless strips, ensuring those long lasting bites are everything you dream of – super crispy on the outside, whilst retaining that moreish juiciness on the inside. “Brushed with Glory” is the Wing Wing motto. Following the double frying, each piece of their made-to-order fried chicken is hand-brushed with one of their renowned secret glazes – soy garlic, spicy or a sweet and even sticky liquorice flavour. 

Other sought-after items on the menu include, a Chicken Katsu Bao, Kimchi Coleslaw and Skinny Fries dusted with seaweed flakes.

Wing Wing’s interior reflects the bright, fun and quirky atmosphere in line with the forward-thinking, modern Asia of today. KTV karaoke rooms are available for you to sing your heart out whilst enjoying good food with family and friends.

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